Welcome to the PAF® Licensing Centre

Organisations licensing the use of PAF and Royal Mail’s other address databases, want the confidence to know they are correctly licensed and have chosen the best licensing options for the way the data is used. 

The information and resources within our Licensing Centre will help you become more familiar with how to license our address data and get the most value from it. 

The Licensing Centre also gives you access to sign up to the Agreements or apply for the     PAF Public Sector Licence. Click the links for more information.

The Licensing Centre journey below explains how you can access all of the information and resources to help you further understand the Licence Agreements.

The Licensing Centre Journey

To help you learn and develop your understanding of the PAF Agreements, we have organised the information for you into bite size modules. You can work through these in order, or dip in and out, depending on the topic you are interested in.

To access each of the modules click on the links within each of the boxes below.

1. Essentials

Essentials introduces PAF licensing and considerations for licensing End Users.

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2. Learn

Learn uses simple diagrams to illustrate the different ways PAF is used and can be licensed.

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3. Scenarios

Scenarios allow you to apply your knowledge of the licensing options and considerations to real examples.

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4. Test Yourself

Test yourself by answering questions about PAF licensing.

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5. Outcomes

Now you understand more about PAF Licensing, find out how to become a Licensee.

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6. Development

See our licence development activity and provide us with feedback to help shape future licensing arrangements.

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As you are journeying through the Licensing Centre, you will see frequent references to our Resources and Glossary pages. The information on each of these will help you further develop your understanding of the terms of the Agreements. Click on the icons to access these pages.


We've produced a range of information to guide you through the new licensing arrangements. View the Resources now

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Here you will find a list of licence definitions. You can access the Glossary wherever you see this icon. View the Glossary now

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