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We have made it easy to accept the terms of the Licence Agreements online. If you are interested in licensing PAF® address data please contact us and we will send you an invitation allowing you to complete the simple sign-up process.

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Licence Agreements Sign Up Process

Follow the easy steps to accept the Licence Agreement terms on behalf of your organisation. Licensing your organisation is easy and requires just a few clicks.

If you have any questions about our licensing arrangements, or how to accept these terms, our Customer Service team is here to help. Details of how to get in touch are on our contact us page. 

1. Before you apply

Step 1: Selection and Invitation


The AMU will select and email your organisation requesting completion of the Assurance Response.

Step 2: Complete Assurance Response


Your organisation will access the online Assurance Response process, complete and submit to the AMU.

Step 3: Review and Outcomes


The AMU will review your response and take any action as required.

Licence Agreement Essentials

For more specific information for your choice of product, or customer type, click the link below.


Licence Agreement Essentials

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We've produced a range of information to guide you through the new licensing arrangements. View the Resources now

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